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Potentially Bypass Life Threatening Injury

The stairway are among the very most dangerous areas in your home, as well as one fall can lead to a serious injury that can greatly hinder you for years. You may add many additional years to your own life, and relish your family and grandkids for considerably longer by preventing falling on the staircase. Avoid breaking a hip, knee or back using a fall down the stairs.

No More Worrying About Your Loved Ones

For the children of aging parents, the daily worry of if their parent is not trapped and still healthy is a daily fear. With the addition of a stair lift to the house, you make life easier for everyone about, understanding the stairs are now considerably safer than before, and can significantly reduce this worry.

Add Value to Your Lincoln House

As the baby boomer population continues to get older, freedom and accessibility equipment already set up on your home will be an important asset. It will make your house more precious, and be bought faster in the event that something happens. A new elevator can significantly raise the value of your Lincoln house.


Does having to take the stairs at home make you wish you had the same option to take the lift whenever you are in a public place just like you do?

Do you procrastinate because you can’t get up the stairway and then get frustrated that your list of matters to do is longer?

Folks living in Lincoln neighborhoods rely on our professionals that are competent, because we focus on safety and precision can match it within a day or within a few hours depending on your stairs and when installing your stairlift.

Choose to set the minds of family members and friends at ease.

We worry about those who are closest to us. Peace of mind is an important section of living in an emotionally supportive way. What occurs to your own body, including the dread that you experience with all the loss of your mobility and freedom influences people you adore, and which includes coworkers, neighbors, family and friends.

Your family will appreciate that you have taken steps to help them help you, but also that one can recover some of your autonomy safely and securely in Lincoln.

For many loved ones, it pains them to see you suffer and they want you to make this part of your life easier.

When you have a stairlift properly installed by our Lincoln team, then your loved ones can stop envisioning the worst when you are alone at home. They can feel more assured that you are getting about your home and they are able to put to rest the concept of placing you into an unknown setting at a care facility.

By giving your nearest and dearest peace of mind, you can stay at home and your family can take pleasure in the time on you, since you’ll have fewer things to worry about.

Once you experience life with a stairlift, you will wish you’d done it earlier.

For many individuals living in Lincoln, dealing with pain or an injury or getting up a flight of stairs may eventually become a huge chore. The emotional effects will begin changing every facet of your life and are debilitating. People who have had a stairlift understand that they no longer have to self-limit themselves and endure the impacts of altering their behavior to handle the chore.

Many, who continue without a remedy, even begin to experience other unwanted effects that are damaging health. These effects are not merely directly related to the immobility. They may be related to the changes a person has made to avert the chore or the risks they take by walking up the stairs despite equilibrium that is questionable.

When you have found that you are not steady on your feet or that you’re altering how you climb on your stairway, then you’re already making your life more difficult than it has to be.

We all need to be mindful in our lives and that means paying attention to our current needs. If you’re ready to fit a stairlift into your Lincoln dwelling, without altering the character of your own home, our Nebraska team is ready to install one in your home right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why are they so expensive to install?

Most importantly, they help you each step of the way and include regular care. Professional setup is significantly more economic in the long-run with regards to warranty, service and long-term care since they are trained to follow security measures and experienced at installation. The installer is getting paid to properly install your unit in order you do not confront serious hazards that do result when an inexperienced individual installs a stairlift and opens the guide for the first time. A Lincoln professional also understands just how to make sure that the stairlift follows fire exit requirements, how to ensure that ensure that all the appropriate operating attributes are enabled, and the charger connections are working correctly to prevent serious injuries. The price you pay to really have a trustworthy and trained technician ensures the longevity of your purchase and your safety. Additionally, installment includes lifting a reasonable amount of weight. Many setups can be completed in a few hours by a professional.

2) Can a stair lift go around corners?

Yes. Although straight stairlifts are generally much less expensive, curved stairlifts can be custom-built to fit any staircase. Modern rail layouts to fit your lifestyle, leaving a lot of room for people to walk the stairs up and down easily, and smoothly can help the stairlift journey around corners closely, comfortably.

3) How do stair lifts work?

Basically, it's like riding in your ski lift, minus the bitter cold. You sit in a motorized swivel chair snugly equipped to make you as comfortable as possible with features that are personalized. A safety belt keeps you securely in place and also a foot rest prevents you from hitting on the steps while using the lift. Some stairlifts call/send controls on the wall close to the tracks for a user or you can use a remote control to send the seat where you want it to go. Occasionally the control panel is situated on the seat arm. Become knowledgeable about the specific characteristics of your unit. Once you're prepared, determined by the version you purchased or rented, as you travel up and down your stairs, you can control the rate and adjust the seat. The lift consists of a the control system, a passenger car, a motor, and your comfy seat so you can once again regain your mobility. Some models rely on a belt like a conveyor belt and a rack and pinion system is used by other models.

4) How much would a cheap one cost?

Recommend you be careful of scams. we although you can probably locate a stairlift that is cheap for about $1,000, but Some people soon learned that there were defects in the unit and have bought a very cheap unit once they got them, or they didn't operate properly. Quality is essential because you may wind up spending a lot more to maintain a cheap purchase. In order to discover an affordable option, consider renting one or buying versions that are used. Scroll by means of this page to see our guidance on seeking affordable units and financing alternatives.

5) Can you build one of these yourselves?

It certainly depends on your practical know-how. It is a very daunting process. Some layouts are offered online, yet, with no proper tools, materials and welding knowledge, this strategy might take a lot of concerns as well as quite a long time to build. Also, when you compare shared design plans for a stairlift to buying a tried and true tested model, a homemade version and commercial models can't compete as much as appearance and compactness. It's a solid approach to go. Additionally, remember safety is really a concern for anybody who's going to rely on the lift, so it's critical for you to do thorough testing and frequent checking account of your handiwork.

6) Can you rent a stair lift for an extended period of time?

As a result of individual circumstances you might be facing, you may need to rent a stairlift instead of purchase one. Perhaps you will have business for a length period of time that may reap the benefits of its use, perhaps you rent your house, or someone in your family has had an injury or surgery and desires it briefly. Occasionally, determined by the medical condition, you just can't be sure how long you'll need the stairlift and renting looks like the best option on a month-to-month basis. Some Nebraska companies even offer lease to own software. However, it is crucial that you take into account the cost of installation and de-installation before choosing this alternative instead of purchasing a stairlift that is secondhand.

7) Are there any good options for used or recycled lifts in my area?

Yes. Reconditioned and recycled stairlifts are available and are an alternative. Custom-designed curved stairlifts are more difficult to resell, since the angles around the curves truly should be a very close match. A recycled stairlift is fundamentally good just because it is used and offers lots of advantages. Many Nebraska stairlift companies resell them used and buy stairlifts back. A stairlift that was used resold and may have been removed, since the individual who depended on the raise improved within their condition, they went, or the need for it was temporary. They cost considerably less than new models. Make sure you ask some questions when purchasing a secondhand lift. Ask about their weight and the prior owner /height requirements. Ask about the age of the used model. We advise that you really do not purchase one that is 10 years old, because that version is close to retirement. You can shorten the span of tracks if needed, as mentioned before. Nonetheless, be sure you stick to quite a measured strategy for cutting tracks, because a mistake will cost you.

8) How are they powered?

If you've ever fought for the remote, here's another remote to add to your set. When you're not using the stairlift, you can conserve energy by turning it off with the remote also. Stairlifts come in both battery-powered (D/C) and electric (A/C) versions. One concern is whether you reside in an area that experiences a great deal of power outages, because you don't need to be stranded mid-lift during a storm. (Nonetheless, ask the manufacturer about the backup power system that should be included in your model.) Also, consider the cost of replacing the life of the battery and also the battery. Typically, depending on the brand, it costs $30-$160 to replace the battery or batteries . While some prefer electrical models for reasons ranging from battery life to some apparatus issues unique to battery models, others favor battery powered stairlifts, since they are able to result in lower electric bills, although the expense of the electricity to control the stairlift has been considered negligible by the majority of producers. Because the battery model still has a wall plug to keep the battery charged you don't have to plug in a battery charger after every use. Another thing to consider is the way inclined the user is, as the seat and casing on some models must be removed and wires need to be disconnected and reconnected to insert the new battery. Ask for instructions and see if it's something that youwill want to replace yourself. We'd be happy to help you out. Make certain there is a spark plug within several feet of the lift, in case you choose an electrical version. No particular outlets are crucial.

9) Does the VA cover the cost and installation of lifts?

According to AARP, The Department of Veterans Affairs offers a few grants to qualified veterans with disabilities for security developments in the home. Those include: the Home Improvements and Structural Alternations (HISA) Grant; The Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant; and the Special Dwelling Adaptation (SHA) grant. Upon qualification, a veteran can receive both a HISA grant and either SHA or a SAH grant. Contact the VA and ask for VA form 10-0103 to make an application for the HISA grant. Contact the form 26-4555 to make an application for a SAH or SHA grant. For information on all benefits phone 1-800-827-1000.

10) Can you apply for one of these lifts if you are on disability?

Someone have a medical condition that meets their definition of handicap and qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when they have worked in work that was insured by Social Security. In case you are injured or on handicap, benefits may be insured. Since SSI is a needs-based program and an SSI recipient must have limited income and resources, eligibility for the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows a person who has a disability to attain an occupational objective. The cash that's set aside under a PASS can be used for anything that leads to an occupational goal and may be used to cover home modifications via an SSI savings strategy. You can find out more about PASS through your Nebraska Social Security Administration office or call toll free 800-772-1213.

11) Can the track be shortened?

Yes. The tracks can be adjusted and the length may be reduced. Yet, using the correct personal protective gear is highly recommended. Some makers of stairlifts supply do-it-yourself cutting instructions. Hereis the catch though. The track discovers how nicely the stairlift will run. Ensuring you get the length of the stairs to correspond together with the path length is highly essential. Without proper measurements, you may realize the installation leads to more difficulties instead of relying on professional installers with experience. Should you cut the tracks wrong, you might have difficulty returning them depending on the return policy. Most producers will only accept returns if the track has not been cut, because the cut of the course is custom. We highly advise that you really do not install your own stairlift or cut yourself to the course. It's not very safe. Some retailers will not sell you the stairlift if you intend on installing it yourself. An incorrect shortening of the course or the wrong length of course can not prove to be extremely safe, particularly when the course is not too long. On top of the stairs or if the person who wants the stairlift steps off of the chair short of the ground floor, they could injure themselves. It is crucial the tracks as well as the chair work just. Licensed installers stress and will save you from a lot of headaches and possible prevent horrible injuries.

12) How are these lifts fitted?

Making your purchase can entail a great deal of work, time and decision making once you consider which features matter most to you and all the different types of stairlifts that are available to you that will suit your requirements. Once you have decided, fitting the raise involves making sure that the best focus is given to the system fitting correctly in order that you don't have to worry about its security or dependability. Your best bet will be to have it meet by licensed Lincoln professionals. These certified professionals quantify pitch angle and the step heights to achieve precision. The professional discover how the stairlift can fit your stairs --and will visit the website--indoor or outdoor. They're going to secure the track with supports fixed to the staircase to the stairs. Frequently people wonder if it's connected to the wall, but the stairlift is directly fitted via the floor covering of the stairs.

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